Little Bears Day Nursery

"Where your child's needs come first"

About our Nursery

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The Nursery has been open since 1993 but was taken over in 2003 by the present owner. The Nursery offers full day care for children from 6 weeks old to 8 years.
The facilities
We have four age related rooms with each room being equipped with appropriate activities, toys and play opportunities to allow each child to learn through play in a positive enriching way. Outdoors there is a large safe play area used daily by all age groups.
Each room has its own toilets and/or nappy changing facilities.
Our Philosophy
The Nursery encourages all children to become confident, sociable and willing to learn. This is done by giving them the opportunity to develop at their own pace, to make choices & decisions and to be accepted as an individual in their own right. This 'relaxed' approach along with our 'learning through play' philosophy, encourages the children to reach all the goals required to go onto school and become a confident, happy learner.
The Nursery is relaxed, friendly and fun. Parents are encouraged to share ideas, spend time in the setting and to build strong, trusting relationships with those that care for their children.
Our staff team
They are dedicated, caring and completely trustworthy. Many of them are parents themselves and have years of experience working with children along with additional training in First Aid, Food Hygiene, child behaviour and various other child related courses.
A full time cook is employed who prepares healthy homecooked meals as well as providing foods for children with special diets. The Nursery works towards providing at least 3 if not 4 of the children's '5 a day requirements'. The Nursery is well maintained and is kept to a very high standard of cleanliness and hygiene